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Texas SBA® Polo Team

Team owner Jamie Demericas is an internationally ranked polo player with playing experience in 15 countries across 6 continents. (View Passport).
Texas SBA® is headquartered in the United States of America and represents the small business community of Texas- the World's 9th Largest Economy.

2021:        United States of America       Mexico      

2020:        United States of America      

2019:       Thailand       Korea       France       England       Morocco       Brasil       Indonesia        United States of America

2018:       Australia       England       Portugal       Spain       United States of America       Morocco

2017:       Australia       United States of America

2016:       United States of America       Germany

2021 Houston Women's Polo Championship®- Farish Cup Invitational

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

The four ladies of Texas SBA® Polo Team received greater support from team owner Jamie Demericas than prior years and all were grateful. Many shots were taken, many goals were scored, but unfortunately the ladies were not able to beat tougher competition. Thus far our Texas SBA®women's polo team has won approximately 50% of all tournaments played since team inception and anticipates greater success in the years to come.

2021 Copa de San Migel

Location: Vinedos San Lucas, San Migel de Allende, Mexico.

San Migel de Allende is located in the Mexico highlands and has been a very popular American retirement town since 1980. The beautiful colonial architecture and sunny days makes this town a popular favorite for Mexican tourists as well. Luxury residences and very fashionable clothes are showcased throughout the area and really gives San Migel de Allende a unique style that can only be itimidated.

Jamie Demericas with his 43 countries of travel spanning 6 continents has always been aware of San Migel de Allende and when he learned the area is very popular for polo, of course Texas SBA® Polo Team would arrive. With Mexican-based teammates from Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Queretero the Texas SBA® was fight ready. The game was fast and enjoyable but we lost to better performing teams.

On this Easter weekend many polo fans were present to respect this holy day walking the 200 acre vinyard. Great Mexican wine, multiple restaurants, and luxury hotel made it a truly memorable day of religious gratitude. Riding great horses, attentive staff, and friendly Mexican family ownership proved why San Migel de Allende has become an international tourist and expat home. Most definitely San Migel de Allende is a great place to be and only 90 minutes away from Mexico City.

2021 Copa del Yucatan

Location: Merida, Mexico.

The safest city in Mexico is Merida and this was proven when a Mexican polo officer confronted Jamie walking the street about not wearing his COVID face mask. This town was COVID crazy with 2 people per car occupancy limits, face mask requirements on the street, and other authoritative policing policies. In addition to this nonsense police cars and officers are posted on almost every block throughout the city. It fealt like a militarized police state although Merida is the primary residence for many captains of crime. With Jamie having daily Mexican residence in Ciudad Juarez, Monterrey, and Mexico City during the Mexican Drug War, Merida had more policing than experienced by Jamie during that 10 year Mexican Civil War.

Eager to find refuge from the police state, playing polo at the Swiss-owned Yucatan Polo Club brought a sense of peace-and-calm. Throughout Mexico many polo clubs are Swiss-owned and nice locations for female polo players. Delicious conchanita, beverages, and multi-ligual conversations were enjoyed by all in attendence. Of course Jamie's conversation with fellow American is Yucatan and Florida legend inspired by her pallet for livations.

Yucatan Polo Club playing field was exceptional as we played over 20 chukkers that week and few divots were created. The Mexican style of play involves lots of checking-up when defended, frequent hooks, and a fight to get the ball. In comparison, USA polo recognizes the importance of a patron and why touching the ball encourages their continued financial support. Traveling throughout the world playing polo introduces Jamie to many styles which will make him a well-rounded player.

Texas SBA® Polo Team lost the match and continued their 5-month tour of Mexico with visits to Campeche and Progresso. Both coastal cities are positioned in the Gulf of Mexico offering quick yachting access from our Texas coastline. While Progresso serves as a party town, Campeche is more residential and both earned respect from Mr. Demericas.

12th Annual Copa del Rey

Location: Cancun, Mexico.

Yes, Cancun plays polo too. Beyond the yachts or all-inclusive resorts and a superb international airport, the Riviera Maya has grown tremendously since 1980. Direct commercial flights from many Texas cities has made this location popular and even Houston-based polo team Berryhill Farms has a restaurant in the airport. Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum are popular tourist locations and convenient getaways for Texans.

Nestled in a 200 acre jungle is Copa del Rey owned by a Mexican movie star's family. Although Mr. Demericas is a Chicago-native and active ice hockey player, he prefers the tropics so playing polo in the jungle was ideal.

Traditionally this tournament is played in November, but COVID and rain postponed the event until February. Very familiar with the horse, Jamie and the Texas SBA® Polo Team performed well. Goal after goal, bump and bump, and great applause by the crowd was received. Unfortunately, Dario of Cuadra Blanca won the tournament as they are also the champions of the Mexican Open. Texas SBA® Polo Team anticipates competing against Cuadra Blanco in the Mexican Open and bringing the title to Texas as friendly commaraderie and national pride for both nations.

With media, models, and caché Cancun polo is poised to become a major location for international polo. The region is populated by many Argentines, Italians, and Gringos. Of course, we Gringos have the highest numbers but Argentinians love the warm weather, beaches, Spanish language, and opportunity to play polo in the Mexican Federal of Polo. Texas SBA® Polo Team recommends other patrons and equine enthusiasts consider building infrastructure in the Riveria Maya and truly experience a global community of like-minded individuals and 80 degree daily weather.

2020 Houston Women's Polo Championship®- Farish Cup Invitational

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

COVID-19 affected everyone in the world and international was no exception. During the entire year only the women of Texas SBA® Polo Team played and they did very well. With face masks, social distancing, and other "recommendations" in effect for COVID, the ladies won their title back and looked great it. At press time, the ladies of Texas SBA® Polo Team have won 60% of their matches in Houston and gathering community respect for the brand- Texas SBA®.

2021 The Villages Polo Club Women's Tournament

Location: The Villages Polo Club, Florida, United States of America

Jamie Demericas has played polo at 100 clubs worldwide and The Villages Polo Club is his favorite. While many polo clubs have caché and high-goal prestige, The Villages is no slouch. Based 1 hour north of Orlando, the Villages is the number 1 retirement town in America and everything in top-notch. Pickel ball, softball, golf courses, car shows, towne centers, golf carts, romance, housing, banking, parties, health care, weather, policing, and friendship are well-known reasons for their popularity. The Villages Polo Club playing fields are well-designed and the booster club are active supporters. YouTube videos, grandstand commentary, a great bar, and delicious catering make polo even more enjoyable for patrons. Texas SBA® Polo Team can do nothing but praise this location, management, and residents.

As for the results of The Villages Polo Club Women's Tournament 14-goal level, Texas SBA® Polo Team lost only because their horses were tired.

2019 U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship®- Farish Cup Invitational

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

Texas SBA® Polo Team was excited and ready to defend their 2018 championship title before the hometown crowd. Making their frist appearance in the tournmanet was Spindletop who is credited with the first discovery of Texas oil in 1901. Game one was action-packed with many goals, few penalties, and fast running horses. Games two and three were also entertaining but Texas SBA® was outscored and relinquished the championship title to Louis VIII Polo Team.

Gentleman's Cup 2019

Location: Siam Polo Park (est. 1990), Pattaya, Thailand.


Jamie Demericas keeps getting better and elevating his stature in the world of polo. For this event he played alongside the patron of King Power Polo Team and improved his skills tremendously. Several nice plays were made by Jamie which helped secure his team's victory in the Land of Smiles.

Indoensia National Polo Team vs. Texas SBA® Polo Team

Location: Nusantara Polo Club, Jakarta, Indonesia.

International businessman and team owner, Jamie Demericas, was excited to play against the Indonesia National Polo Team but could not attend due to a scheduling conflict. Therefore, he sent the Texas SBA® Polo Team to South East Asia without him.

Texas SBA® Polo Team played hard but lost the match 8 to 6.

I Copa MK Polo Ranch

Location: MK Polo Ranch (est. 2018), Rio de Janiero, Brasil.

Originally scheduled for June 2019, team owner Jamie Demericas had an immigration issue that forced the tournament to be rescheduled for August 2019. To schedule a polo event is no easy task and must consider (1) player passports, (2) player physical location, (3) calendar date availability of each player, (4) horse availability at the polo club, and (5) weather conditions.

Texas SBA® Polo Team arrived in the "City of God" one week before the tournament and spent their time watching enjoying watersports, Capharinhas, and sunbathing on Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches. To facilitate their arrival to MK Polo Ranch, a chartered Bell Helicopter was provided to Jamie Demericas and the Texas SBA® Polo Team which featured beautiful ariel views of the mountainside, shipping port, and neighboring polo estates.

Day 1 suffered rain but did not stop the Brasilians from playing polo. As in war, adverse weather conditions do not postpone the mission and this was proven as Texas SBA® Polo Team played against the 2˚RCG and ES EQ EX Brasilian Cavalry Polo Teams at Os Inkas in the Circulo Militar de Polo. Day 2 was another rainy day of polo but did not stop the American Jamie Demericas from playing polo and scoring a 30-yard penalty. Over the two days of polo in the rain, only two players fell off their horses and fortunately without injury. Typically, polo is not played on wet fields but when players travel across continents it is a big disappointment for all participants if the match is cancelled.

Texas SBA® Polo Team lost the tournament, but did learn the difference in playing style between military polo and patron or club polo. In military polo, they played a lot more savage than patron or club polo. After all, they are soldiers and train daily for physical conflict whereas patron polo are owners of corporations who live in luxury as exhibited by Jamie Demericas and this website. A few techniques were learned by Texas SBA® Polo Team who plan to incorporate a more physical style of play and intimidation into their strategy.

Visiting Rio de Janiero, Brasil, was on my bucket list and having the opportunity to play polo was an exclusive ticket. MK Polo Ranch female owner from Germany was very hospitable and her passion for polo was evident. For three years she, husband, and Jamie have enjoyed the Argentine Open so to visit her estate was a treat. Texas SBA® Polo Team enjoyed her tour of Rio de Janiero; meeting the polo community of Brasil; and participating in this tournament. It was a unique experience!

Fen Tiger Tournament 2019

Location: Cambridge County Polo Club (est. 2008), Cambridge, England.

Three days prior the start of this summertime tournament, Cambridge experienced a heat wave that reached 41 degrees celsius or 105 degree fahrenheit. Even Houston resident Jamie Demericas suffered in the heat as homes in the United Kingdom typically do not have aire conditioning nor oscillating fans.

United Kingdom weather is unpredictable and day 1 of polo was cancelled due to a 12-hour rain storm. Day 2 did feature polo matches only because the fields at CCPC have new underground piping and peat stone that drains each 10-acre polo field.

British polo players make you earn every play and do not give allowances to foreigners regardless of weather conditions. As such, it was a tough 30-minutes for Jamie as he rode 4 different horse of which he never rode before: International polo competition usually does not allow for horse tryouts prior to competition and therefore the traveling polo player must perfect his horsemanship, field position, and teamwork to survive the world's 2nd most dangerous sport.

Miguel Ayala, whom Jamie Demericas played against months earlier in Thailand was the Texas SBA® Polo Team captain and played exceptionally. Polo club owner Ed Wright was also impressive and may deserve a higher handicap. The team disappointment was Mr. Demericas who simply did not have confidence in his horsemanship nor field conditions. As a global polo player or guest at a foreign polo club the worse thing you could is fall-off your horse or cause injury to another player. "Safety First" is objective #1.

Thanks to all players on Texas SBA® Polo Team including Mr. Clover who helped us survive the match with a 1-to-1 tie.

Triple Crown of Southwest France Polo 2019

Location: Bordeaux Polo Club (est. 1985), France; La Tullianna Polo Club (cr. 2014), Toulouse, France; and Mousquetaires Polo Club (cr. 2012), Armagnac Gascogne, France.


Texas SBA® Polo Team arrived in France for the first-time after receiving an invitation from polo manager and player Martin Gueritot. The Triple Crown of Southwest France polo took place over June & July 2019 and involved players from Brasil, France, Argentina, and Texas. It was a beautiful summer that involved eating foie gras, drinking Armangnac, attending street festivals, and participating in the Tour de France. It was a tough summer of polo that culimated in your Texas SBA® Polo Team winning every match they played in Southwest France and receiving accolades from the French Parliament. The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives™

5th Tournoi International Des Mousquetaires

Location: Mousquetaires Polo Club (est. 2012), Armagnac Gascogne, France


After sensational wins in Bordeaux and Toulouse, Texas SBA® Polo Team was in contention to win the Triple Crown of Southwest France with a victory at the family-owned 500 year old estate of Mousquetaires Polo Club. Teammate and polo club owner Jerome were eager to showcase Gascogne and Jamie was curious of the region's offerings. Sunflower fields, vineyards, les carnard, and the alcoholic beverage of global elites- Armagnac- is daily life for these Frenchmen and women. In fact, one female polo player owns an Armagnac distillery dating 120 years in production. The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives™

Teams from all over Southern France arrived for this event as did French politicians and numerous spectators. Nestled at the bottom of a beautiful valley with a historic church at the summit is the Mousquetaires Polo Club. Arriving at the polo field is also a delightful 10-minute horseback ride through the woods and across a river which are protected by a large Mousequetaire mural on the neighborhood grain elevator. It is the opinion of Texas SBA® Polo Team, that this is the best polo field in Southwestern France and Catalonia, Spain.

Immediately Texas SBA® Polo Team jumped on their opponents and began scoring goals. Chukker after chukker they "lit up" their opponents with Jamie jumping the boards; Jerome shooting from the 40; Alex executing strong bumps; and Come Dubois distributing the ball in a more equitable fashion. It was a stellar performance although Jamie Demericas missed his first 30-yard penalty in 2 years.

Congratulating the Texas SBA® Polo Team for their victory in the Triple Crown of Southwestern France was

Tournoi des Moissons / Coupe Cèrés 2019

Location: La Tullianna Polo Club (est. 2014), Toulouse, France


Pumped-up after the victory in Bordeaux, Jamie Demericas and Texas SBA® Polo Team were eager to perform well before the large crowd of spectators and media at the 2019 Cereal Cup. A victory in this competition for Jamie Demericas would mean so much to this Chicago-native who began his grain trading career at age 13 and at age 19 became a popular retail broker for Chicago Board of Trade members. It was real honor for Jamie to play at the polo club owned by fellow grain trader Bernard who provides both arena and field polo competitions at La Tullianna Polo Club.

Young Frenchman Come showcased his 1-goal handicap and the benefits of being a 3rd generation polo player with spectacular goals although his ball distribution from the knock-in was poor. Of course Jamie scored all of his 30-yard penalities and even a couple of goals from the field. Likewise, teammates Jerome and Damien played well and delivered a few goals sitting on top of horses running 40 mph / 65 kph.

Texas SBA® Polo Team won the tournament and partied hard at the "Asado" where Mr. Demericas spoke Portuguese with another attendee who could not speak English nor Spanish. It turned out that Jamie and this French political attache of Brasilian-lineage share familiarity with both Portugal and Brasil. In the polo community every member typically speaks at least 2 or 3 langauges and has decades of experience in global travel, residence, and business ownership. After all, we are The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives™

Coupe Du Vignoble 2019

Location: Bordeaux Polo Club (est. 1985), Bordeaux, France


Texas SBA® Polo Team arrived in France ready-to-win and sample the world-famous wines of Bordeaux as the 2019 Vinexpo commenced.

At the first bowl-in Texas SBA® Polo Team pounced on the ball and began running-up the score. With horses procured from the Mousquetaires Polo Club, Texas SBA® Polo Team was well mounted and controlled the line of the ball causing their opponents to commit multiple fouls. Jamie Demericas proved himself to be a "clutch player" and scored six 30-yard penalties on Day 1 and replicated his flawless performance on Day 2. The most notable play executed by Mr. Demericas was his offside 200-yard run where he shielded the ball from the defender via horsemanship and hit a wicked neck shot to set up his teammate Dr. Jerome for the goal.

Texas SBA® Polo Team continued their dominance during the finals with Jamie Demericas scoring two more 30-yard penalties and a goal from the field. Every member of the polo team played great, but it was Martin Gueritot of France who played 1-goal for the second consecutive week and without doubt will get his handicap raised this season. Breaking through the pack; executing tough ride-offs; and working both sides of the horse is why this young Frenchman can expect a professional ranking in years to come.

Texas SBA® Polo Team was greeting warmly in France and left with multiple trophies, bottles of wine, and another victory for the Texas small business owner community.

4th Charity Cup & Texas SBA® Friendly Match, 2019

Location: Korea Polo Country Club (est. 2011), Jeju Island, Korea


Global financial powerhouse- Korea- with a US $1.7 Trillion economy and 70 million population has one of the best polo clubs in the world. Korea Polo Stadium was the location where Korea & Texas "gave back" to their communities with provides charity and shared friendship. Texas SBA® Polo Team competed against hometown T23 Polo Team with many Corporate Executive players participating.

Testing the horse one day before the match allowed each player to gain familiarity with each horse to be played during this charity event. In polo, one new horse is required for every 7-minute period of play: Four periods minimum with a maximum of eight is the standard time of play. Therefore, Texas SBA® Polo Team came ready to play fast and physical and this was proven when Jamie's scored his first goal dribbling from 100 yards out.

The second chukker had Mr. Demericas dribbling along the boards from mid-field shielding the ball with his pony which caused the Chinese-Korean defender to either bump or jump the boards to stop Jamie. Forty yards out, Demericas struck a neck shot to Nico for his captain's second or third goal. Third chukker play had Jamie Demericas stealing the ball from T23 and shoot a pass to Y.J. for his 30 yard goal. In the next chukker Jamie scored his second goal just like he did during the first chukker goal. (This play succeeded at Bordeaux, France, and is a great play which forces defenders to bump or the boards.)

Chukker 5 was a different story and T23 Polo Team scored 3 goals which cut the Texas SBA® Polo Team lead to 3 goals. In the 6th chukker Jamie scored another and then a very impressive "bump to near-side neck shot for goal with 5 seconds left before the bell. To close out the 8 chukker charity event Jamie Demericas scored his sixth goal by receiving a pass from Nico in the corner, checking down, and turning the ball 90° towards goal for a off-side neck shot at 30°.

4th Charity Cup & Texas SBA® Friendly Match was an action packed event before a nice crowd of corporate executives spectators showcasing polo players from 3 continents. Texas SBA® Polo Team continued their "winning streak" which began with their victory in the 2018 U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship® Tournament Farish Cup Invitational by beating the T23 Polo Team 18 to 9.

Cambridge Frolic May Cup 2019

Location: Cambridge County Polo Club (est. 2008), Cambridge, England

Texas SBA® Polo Team made their debut in Cambridge and performed well before the crowd of English polo enthusiasts. Fans in this area are well-educated on polo and have witnessed both HRH Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales and HRH Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge showcase their polo playing abilities. Cambridge is home to Europe's oldest polo club Cambridge University Polo Club (est. 1873), and provides year-round play at Cambridge County Polo Club.

Jamie Deméricas and your Texas SBA® Polo Team anticipate a successful Summer 2019 in Cambridge, England

2nd Toto Cup

Location: PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club (est. 2014), Tangier, Morocco

Hard-work throughout the polo world affortunated Jamie Demericas to play 14 goal chukkers in preparation for the 2nd Toto Cup. Players arrived from 5 continents with the primary languages spoken being French, English, and little Castellano bowled-in. A sunny day's ending after a long commute, to work.

Day 1 showcased Jamie's improved abilities and forecasted why his handicap should get raised this season. Day 2 was another good day for Jamie Demericas as he played good defense and found himself playing extremely aggressive on all knock-ins. Day 3 was an emotional day for Mr. Demericas as he lost confidence in his horsemanship during the first chukker. This sadness was exhibited throughout the entire match and found Jamie watching eager to hear the umpire's final whistle. On Day 4 and with a clear mind, Jamie Demericas returned to his Day 1 & 2 performance but his team lost by 1 goal in the finals.

2019 Chinese New Year Tournament

Location: Polo Escape Resort (est. 2007), Pattaya, Thailand


Playing the 2nd most dangerous sport in the world- polo- is even more dangerous when played in the rain. Hours upon hours of torrential rains soaked the field, but "the show must go on" as fans and players traveled from 5 continents for this event. In fact, one female Texas business-owner from Pasadena, Texas, was in attendance and shared a delicious bottle of Argentine Merlot with Jamie as they discussed current Texas topics.

The game started with much trepidation from Jamie as he did not want to crash and visit yet another foreign-hospital due to a polo injury. Nonetheless, he contributed much to his team and helped secure multiple victories over the 2-day tournament. Played under the rules of Hurlingham, Texas SBA® / Polo Escape™ shared the victory alongside Fast Fish™ and Ace™ Polo Teams.

2018 U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship® Tournament- Farish Cup Invitational

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America


In our third year of competition Texas SBA® Women's Polo Team won their division in the U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship® Tournament which was establied in 1937. Team Owner, Jamie Demericas worked hard to build this year's team for their debut in the Women’s International Polo Network.

Texas SBA® had tough competition against seven teams including (1) Land Rover, (2) Lockton, (3) Jet Linx, (4) When World's Collide, (5) PlainsCapital Bank, (6) Team Winslow, and (7) Bestway Welding Supply.

From the first bowl-in Texas SBA® dominated by scoring 5-to-7 more goals than their opponents. Likewise, their nemesis Land Rover and Lockton outscored the competition by large numbers but could not advance to the finals. When World's Collide faced Texas SBA® in the Farish Cup Invitational finals with physicality and suspense for the Texas fans who experienced Texas SBA® winning the game and tournament in the final 30 seconds of play.

1st Toto Cup

Location: PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club (est. 2014), Tangier, Morocco

Jamie Demericas received an invitation to join the Mousquetaires Polo Team based upon his European 2018 summer performance.

Flying into Tangier had the entire twin-prop ATR 72 aircraft scared as turbulence threw the 80 passagers, including Mousquetaires Polo Team owner, and 5 crew around the skies at 25,000 feet. This unwanted thrill lasted for nearly 30 minutes and even caused the aircraft to lose altitude as the Moroccon pilots worked hard to prevent the aircraft from stalling in the North Africa skies. Everyone was happy when the plane landed safely in Casablanca: 50% of the passengers chose to make 200 mile trip via taxi while Jamie and the team owner boarded another plane just 3 hours later.

African standards required greater stamina for Jamie Demericas as he played his first 6 chukker contest involving players from 5 countries across 4 continents. It was fast polo and Jamie had a difficult time staying in the play on this first day. Injury was almost realized during the fifth chukker when a nearside backhand grazed the bottom lip of Jamie and served as a reminder of the dangers inherent in the Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives. Just a few inches closer and Jamie's left jaw would have been broken. (Polo balls are compressed plastic balls with a diameter of 3 inches weighing 130 grams traveling upwards of 120 mph.) Hence, polo is the second most dangerous sport in the world only after speed boat racing.

Mousquetaires Polo Team fought hard against tough Argentine, French, Austrian, Swiss, and Moroccan players who ran fast during this 4-goal polo Toto Cup. The early chukkers had Jamie riding against a female player who utilized her blocking and bumping skills to curtail his advancement on the 10 acre field. Equipment failure was experienced during the third chukker when Jamie's left stirrup broke at the initial bowl-in and forced his retreat to the palenque. In the sixth chukker Jamie stole the bolcha from the group and created a break away which led to a goaline foul for the benefit of the Mousquetaires Polo Team. Having earned the foul rewarded Jamie with a 30 yard penalty shot which he makes with 90% success.

Day 3 and horse familiarty allowed Jamie to outperform his female counterpart and provide a greater contribution to the Mousquetaires Polo Team. Winning the bowl-ins, taking hard bumps from a Swiss rugby player, scoring another 30 yard penalty, and effectively shutting down the McQueens Polo Team female patron were the contributions provided by Jamie Demericas. Two injuries were suffered: (1) An opposing player and polo club owner from France was struck by the ball in the mouth on a nearside backshot and (2) the French patron of Mousquetaires Polo Team fell next to the goal post in his attempt to prevent a goal from being scored by the Swiss Ambassador. Both players took their 10-minute recovery time and the match proceeded.

McQueens Polo Team with their French female patron won the 1st Toto Cup in Morocco, Africa, and served as Jamie Demericas' first entry into the French Empire that spans 53 countries & 5 continents. Merci Beaucoup!

Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018: III High Summer Cup

Location: Club de Polo Ampurdán (est. 1987), Cataluna, Spain

With many players on Texas SBA® Polo Team being residents of Latin America including team owner Jamie Deméricas, it was exciting for us to arrive in Spain- "la Corona". This enthusiasm was quickly curbed when procuring vehicles with the rental car company and their greed to generate revenues. Long lines, slow customer service, and surcharges is the business model utilized by this Spanish-owned rental car company which is exactly opposite of how Texas Small Business Association® members conduct business.

Day 2 of our "Spanish Invasion" provided the most shocking experience for your Texas SBA® Polo Team which was our daily usage of the Spanish tollroad system at a cost of US $60 per roundtrip (ie. 180 miles). In Spain, the cost for freedom of movement is high and prohibitive which reduces one's the quality of life, but not for players in the Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives. On the positive side, lots of beautiful women can be seen throughout Barcelona enjoying the delicously fair-priced tapas.

Texas SBAtrade; Polo Team jumped into the action with great performances by professional Federico Espanol and Fernando Nieto. The horsepower presented on the field was impressive as was the social community. Many goals from the 30-yard penalty line were scored by Jamie Demericas and Federico Espanol showcased why he held a 6-goal handicap in earlier years with goals scored from all areas of the cancha.

The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives is the second-most dangerous sport in the world- only after speedboat racing- and fortunately no injury was incurred to Fernando Nieto who fell when his left stirrup broke. Immediately, the fieldside ambulance rushed onto the field and gave treatment to the founder of the Polo Elite Challenge™. With no serious harm incurred, the match continued but your Texas SBA® Polo Team was not able to win against more established teams comprised of players, including 3 women, from five countries spread across 3 continents.

Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018 : Secretaries Cup (Hurlingham Polo Assn.)

Location: Kirtlington Park Polo Club (est. 1926), Oxford, England

Texas SBA® Polo Team arrived in the United Kingdom ready and excited for the British polo season. With practices and matches scheduled for everyday our Texas SBA® Polo Team was ready for competition. Traversing England from the southern coast to Black Country produced echoes of mallets striking bolchas in harmony with rolling hoof thunder.

In Oxford, home of Oxford University and the Earl of Oxford and Asquith, team owner Jamie Demericas was greeted by the Australian polo community and welcomed to this new playing location by the British polo community. Just a few weeks earlier, Mr. Demericas and the Texas SBA® Polo Team were in the presence of Prince of William, Duke of Cambridge, at a charity polo match in the rival town of Cambridge, home of Cambridge University. Both towns and this area are familiar terriroty for Jamie as a former resident of Milton Keynes- "the Most American City in the UK".

Before game time Mr. Demericas had butterflies in his stomach as he was playing a level higher than he is accustom, but was reassured by professional team captain Antonino Menard such feelings are normal. Immediately the game was fast and it was hard for Jamie to keep-up: Jumping on new horses, never riden before, every 7 minutes is the real-time examination of every polo player's horsemanship. With your knees you grip the horse; posting and half seat is your stance; and loose reigns is your control but never lose sight of 7 other players and their wooden sticks on all sides of you and your pony.

Eventually, Jamie caught-up and gained more confidence in his talents and starting making serious contributions to his Texas SBA® Polo Team on day 2. The most spectactular play was when he rode off the opponent's team captain and then stole ball on the near-side. Another strong play was on the opponent's goal line where he did the same wich kept the game tied. During both days of game play Jamie scored 2 30-yard penalty shots. Antonino put on a great performance including running the ball end-to-end on the near side with 3 opponents chasing him. After the game Jamie asked Antonino how many mallets he broke during the game and he stated 3 at a cost of US $120 each: Polo- The Sport of Kings and Corporate Executives™.

Texas SBA® Polo Team performed extremely well considering their competition was a more established team including 1 player who was currently playing with the Pieres brothers in the British Gold Cup, England's #1 tournament and the world's #3 tournament. All players on the opposing team were hardcore players riding quality ponies and with homefield advantange which produced a unearned goal for the home team and subsequent loss for Texas SBA® Polo Team.

Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018

Location: Private Polo Estate, Portuguese Republic

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ Texas SBA® Polo Team had the priviledge of receiving an invitiation to play 2 days of polo in the nation Portugal at a very discrete polo estate. This was a special treat for Mr. Demericas who has maintains strong relationships throughout the 3-continent Portuguese empire.

The first day of polo was good fun as Jamie rode quality horses imported from Argentina. His string of horses had good speed, strong agility, and a good mouth. It was also an added treat to have the both games umpired by one fo the world's best officials. After the match, polo players from 4 continents shared dinner and drinks over a 4 hour period and discussed the world of polo and the state of Texas. Day 2 featured a better performance with Jamie scoring a 3 30-yard penalities and receiving a strong bump in the goal mouth which robbed him of a field goal. As the match continued the Texas SBA® Polo Team became stronger and faster, but were not able to win the scoreboard tally.

This was a great experience and priviledge provided to Jamie Demericas and his Texas SBA® Polo Team which served as the kick-off to their Polo Elite Challenge™ European Tour 2018.

2018 Victorian Polo Club Cup

Location: Werribee National Equestrian Center (est. 1984), Melbourne, Australia

Texas SBA® Polo Team finished the Victorian Polo Association season with great improvement from their performance in 2017. Led by professional polo player Corin Gibbs, Jamie Demericas and his fellow teammates got physical in competition as marketing executives from the US $13 Billion German corporation Dr. Oetker filmed their latest commercial using the "Sport of Kings" as their background.

Playing the #2 position had Mr. Demericas winning the majority of umpire bowl-ins, driving the ball downfield for his team's power forward, and running his Thoroughbred horses hard on the 10 acre polo field for 7 consecutive minutes. During the third chukker, Jamie Demericas scored one goal after having missed several quality shots but unfortunately the Texas SBA® Polo Team could not hold-off their competitors who matched his goal and finished the match tied.

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Dr. Oetker Gatecrash Commercial

2018 Urquhart Tournament

Location: Hexham Polo Club (est. 1884), Melbourne, Australia

For the second year in a row Jamie Demericas traveled across the Pacific Ocean to compete in the oldest Australian tournament for polo. After seeing many members of the Australian polo community in Argentina just a few months earlier, Jamie Demericas was excited to showcase his improvement and adaptability to the Aussie style of play- fast & physical.

The 21 hour flight from Houston started out with immigration problems that soon were overcome by Mr. Demericas strong reputation and gentile personality. Having learned in 2017 that nothing comes easy in Australia, Jamie Demericas missed the first day of tournament play because he got lost driving the world's smallest continent and largest island. Unfortunately, the Texas SBA® Polo Team lost the first day, but gave a young 15 year old, 3rd generation polo player the opportunity to fill-in for the absent Jamie Demericas. On day 2, Mr. Demericas arrived at the polo grounds early and visited with many polo players and friends including Hollywood movie director Simon Wincer. Jamie performed well during the match and helped aide the Texas SBA® Polo Team to a victory, but not the championship trophy.

2018 Hornitos Cup

Location: Siam Polo Park (est. 1990), Kingdom of Thailand

Jamie Deméricas joined the Black Dog Polo Team led by National Geographic documentary star Tom Claytor and Argentine professional Gaston Carrozo. After a two year hiatus, the Hornitos Cup was played at King Power and featured the up-and-coming Thai player Mat Deajpanyanan who scored the last goal to prevent Black Dog's victory.

The Hornitos Cup was a great experience helping Mr. Deméricas improve his polo skills as he continues to elevate his exposure in "The Sport of Kings."

2017 U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship® Tournament- Farish Cup Invitational

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

Texas SBA® Polo Team fought hard for 2 days against Hendrick's Gin and St. Regis Hotel impressing many Texas business owners, international guests, and equine enthusiasts. The ladies represented their state and Texas SBA® Polo Team very well, but lost both games and were eliminated from the world's largest women's polo tournament hosted at the world's largest polo club- Houston, United States of America.

For the second consecutive year, San Saba Polo Team owned by Hollywood Actor & Director Tommy Lee Jones won the U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship™ hosted at Houston Polo Club, Texas.

2017 Werribee Polo Tournament

Location: Werribee National Equestrian Center (est. 1984), Melbourne, Australia

Nearly 9,000 miles and 21 hours of air travel was undertaken by Jamie Demericas to introduce the world's polo community to Texas Small Business Association®. Quickly, Mr. Demericas learned how aggressive and fast the Aussies run their "off the track" thoroughbreds for 7.5 minutes. It was a level of competition not familiar to Mr. Demericas and therefore he had to "dig deep" into his pool of personal talent. Three days of polo and sunburn shocked this Texas executive's body and proved hard rough-and-rugged the inhabitants of Australia must be to survive "down under".

Unfortunately, the team Mr. Demericas played for did not win the tournament although they made it to the finals.

2017 Urquhart Tournament

Location: Hexham Polo Club (est. 1884), Melbourne, Australia

Jamie Demericas had the priviledge of playing alongside up-and-coming French professional Dorian Bulteau and tenured professional Corin Gibbs of England in January 2017. During an intensive 2 weeks of Australian polo Jamie Demericas learned to play more physical, ride faster, and not expect fouls to be called. Throughout the 25 team Urquhart Tournament it seemed that every chukker had someone falling off their horse including one player getting kicked in the head by the horse's hoof. Unfortunately, the team Mr. Demericas played on did not advance to the Urquhart finals- which is one of the oldest polo tournaments in Australia, but they did advance to the finals during the Werribee tournament held one week earlier at the National Equestrian Center.

Playing in Australia was a great experience for Jamie Demericas and elevated his global polo exposure to 5 continents. Lesson learned about the Aussies and their style of play is that "they make you earn it." Surviving the outback and harsh Australian sun makes the Aussie polo player physically-minded while galloping "off the track" Thoroughbreds and will require any international polo player to elevate their style of play for this island continent.

jamie demericas and corin gibbs
jamie demericas and corin gibbs
jamie demericas and corin gibbs jamie-demericas-and-dorian-bulteau

2016 U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship® Tournament- Farish Cup Invitational

Location: Houston Polo Club (est. 1928), Texas, United States of America

Texas SBA® Polo Team performed well in the 2016 Farish Invitational portion of the U.S. Open Women's Polo Championship™ tournament against Sullivan Group and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, but unfortunately lost to more established teams in their debut.

Jamie Demericas, owner of Texas SBA® Polo Team, shared pleasantries from the adjacent owner's box of Hollywood Actor & Director Tommy Lee Jones as they both watched the San Saba Polo Team win the 2016 U.S. Women's Polo Open hosted at Houston Polo Club, Texas.

Jamie Demericas, Danika Rice, Liz Magyar, Leigh Fulkerson, Annie Carson
Jamie Demericas, Danika Rice, Liz Magyar, Leigh Fulkerson, Annie Carson Jamie Demericas, Danika Rice, Liz Magyar, Leigh Fulkerson, Annie Carson  

Location: Berlin, Germany

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