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Executive Summary" The Sport of Kings & Corporate Executives™ "
Jamie Deméricas is a Chicagoland-native who began trading futures at age 13 and became a licensed broker at 19. Circa 2002, Mr. Deméricas acquired Texas SBA® and expanded the brand into 100+ countries spanning 6 continents. Texas Small Business Association® is the state's most prominent trade group representing the ownership class of 3 million companies and is "America's #1 State for Business" as reported by CNBC.

COVID-19 Lockdown #1 and Agenda 2030 brought Jamie Deméricas back to the United States where he assumed leadership as Chairman of National SBA Network™ overseeing the administration of all 50 State SBAs. Simultaneously, as 1 of approximately 3,300 regulated Commodity Trading Advisors in the USA, Jamie Deméricas provides guidance on the futures and options markets which can be read or heard daily by up to 32.5 million United States business owners via SBA Risk Managment Group™.


United States of America.


Family History as Black Slaves in the United States of America (ca. 1619).
      1492-1865 Government-Sponsored Racial Slavery (16+ Generations of Human Beings);
      1885-1965 Government-Sponsored Racial Legislative Oppression (4+ Generations of Human Beings);
      1965-TODAY Born Free for Black USA Persons with Family History Prior 1807 (Importation of New Slaves Banned).
Atonement Plan


English, Spanish, & Portuguese.


BBA, Finance. Texas, United States of America.
MBA, Global Management. Monterrey, Mexico.

International Experience

Private University Education. Mexico.
Multi-National Resident & Visa Holder.
Over 40 Countries & 6 Continents Traveled Since 2007. (2007 - 2016). (2016 - 2018).
Founded Multi-National Corporation. Texas SBA®.


Futures & Options Broker / Branch Manager Licensed. USA. (Age 19 - 25). USA.
Member @ Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME Group). USA.
              @ The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). USA.
              @ The Commodity Exchange (COMEX). USA.
              @ New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX). USA.
Ex-Member & Ex-Floor Trader @ Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX). USA.             
Commodity Trading Advisor / Chief Economist. SBA Risk Management Group™. USA.
Founder & President. Texas SBA®. USA.
International Polo Player. Texas SBA® Polo Team. USA.
Chairman. National SBA Network™. (50+ Subsidiaries Across 50 States). USA.
Registered State of Texas Lobbyist. USA.

Jamie Demericas Cartel for Bs. As.
Email: chukker@texassbapolo.com